Thursday, 5 June 2014

DIY Projects #2

I've already done a DIY post, which you can see Here. I just thought I would share a few projects I have done previously.

I have made a few things such as a case for my iPad mini - one of my proudest creations!

had some material which I got for a haberdashery in a clearance sale, and I love the white and silver design on it. I used some old fleece material to pad out the case to protect it from any damage when in my bag, and the cutest part is the cute trim around the top. It took me a few goes to get this right as I had the dimensions all wrong to start with! But after perseverance, I got there and I love this :)

Next I up-cycled an old shirt which was in my charity shop pile. I was in the haberdashery (again!) and saw some fringing and I thought it would look perfect on the blouse. Think along the lines of Dolly Parton meets Alexa Chung!
When I wore this to work with a plain black skater skirt, I got so many compliments. It was so nice saying "oh this old thing?! I sewed the fringed on myself!" The best part was the blouse was initially only £6, and the fringing was about £2, but if you got this from a retailer, it would easily be above £18. 

Next in the up-cycling theme, this dress: 
I did initially buy it because I thought it was so unusual and I loved the pattern, but the style really wasn't me. I couldn't get rid of it though, and it sat in my wardrobe for months before I decided to hack off those 70's folk-style sleeves and then I had this for a dress instead:
I love it this way and I have had SO much wear out of it that the tiny £5 sale price is virtually nothing now with regards to cost-per-wear.

I made this vintage scarf belt in about, 15 minutes. It's pretty self explanatory, and the project can be found in Lisa Comforts Sew Over It book. If you like up-cycling, customising and making clothes and accessories, I would highly recommend her book as it's beautiful and easy to follow.

Finally, the cutest thing in THE whole world ever. Does anyone remember P.E in school and you'd have a pump bag? Probably made by your mum or nan, the simplest of all bags, but effective. It doesn't need to be a big flouncy thing, it was more than fit for purpose, and often in floral... Well, I went and made myself a makeup bag version didn't I? Best part? It's REVERSIBLE!
It's my favourite thing! It cost me £2, and I just can't put in to words how amazing it is. Zip up bags annoy me because they're never big enough, and then when they are they're bulky! But this versatile beauty just fits into my bag and moulds in to any space available and is so pretty to look at. 

I want to make more. In all shapes, sizes and patterns! So if anyone wants one, just comment, and then I can pop them onto my depop - which is @lauramcshe :)

Does anyone else enjoy making and customising things? It's so rewarding afterwards, and always nice to know that you have something unique to anyone else's :)

Laura xo