Tuesday, 3 June 2014

DIY Projects

As I have already mentioned, I love shopping and find it to be very therapeutic, if not a little torturous at times when funds are low. But all in all, I love making a day out of it. Starting off quite early, having lunch and drinks and then carrying on if time permits. 

The only thing that dampens my spirits is how some retailers really try and suck every last penny out of you for undoubtedly beautiful but also, seemingly simple pieces. 

One trend which springs to mind is the Pom-Pom trim, or lace trim. I'm thinking shorts, tops, dresses and the like. They're just so cute! Patterned high waist shorts with Pom-Pom trims have been my dream this spring, but will I pay in excess of £20+? In the name of fashion, perhaps I should. In the name of hurting my bank balance and quashing my creative side? Absolutely not!

I found a cute pair of shorts in Primark. The damage? £4. I then went to my beloved haberdashery in search of some trims. Roughly £1.85 was lost there. This is the result:




It took me all of 30 minutes to measure, pin and sew this adorable trim on, and now I am all Pom-pommed up and not bankrupt. I know that's a slight exaggeration, but in all honesty, I like that I have my very own shorts to dive into the trend, but I also love that they're unique to me. Not every man and his dog will be wearing these this summer. Unless you all join me, in which case that's fine! 

It just shows what a bit of window shopping, imagination and thriftiness can do for you. For the retail price of similar shorts, you could probably make about 4 pairs of these! 

Laura xo

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