Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Mid-year Resolutions

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I made New Years resolutions... And have partially kept them. One was to become more physically active and healthy - I do go running but I don't have a routine so I think I can be quite lax at times. But I am going, which is a start, right?

My second was to try and love myself and have more confidence in myself. I think we all need to do this at times. I will let you know how this goes!

This leads me on to one of my mid-year resolutions! I am due to start a new job which will be part-time, but fairly well paid and so I have decided that this is a great opportunity to learn to drive! It will be hard, I'm sure many tears will be shed, swears will be shouted, but I have to do it and I think a great confidence and independence will come from it.

I've given myself until the new year to be driving... That's enough time... Isn't it? I'm really excited about it actually! I have left it quite late, but it's not too late so I don't mind so much.

New Years resolutions are overrated (unless you stick to your word), so who else is with me in mid-year resolutions?

Laura xo

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  1. Good luck with your driving experience and, most of all, with your job :) and well done, for this 'mid year resolution'! after all, the importance is the willing to improve ourselves!