Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Mind > Matter

I thought I would do a post about my blog and why I am writing one. I touched on it briefly in my first post, but thought I would be a bit more specific.

Who: I am a twenty-something English graduate with a penchant for the quirky, cute, and creative. I wanted somewhere where I could write and share everything I love, admire, and possibly hate - within reason! I have always liked writing, but since leaving University and working in a chain of jobs, I don't really get time to write anymore.

The name: I really like the concept of this name, and think it can really ring true for me at times. I like it in terms of a blog because it enables me to write about all things whether emotions, thoughts and feelings on things, or whether I want to talk about "matter" like fashion, and so on. I am at a stage in my life where I am trying to be a lot more independent, strong and positive, so the title can reflect that and remind me at times when I need it. But it also allows me to talk about the little things. It gives me a lot of scope, which is always good for a rambler... (Is this now a thesis? #essay)


About: I live in the North West of the UK and I love it! I did live in Gloucestershire for a decade, which was in stark contrast to being near such an exciting city such as Liverpool. I feel lucky to have seen both places! The above picture is one I took whilst on a run the other week. To me, this view is beautiful because the sea looks so blue and the sky is so lovely and bright - anyone who knows the Mersey, knows it can look pretty dire at times! So this was a welcome sight.


I'm really trying to maintain an exercise routine. I've always been one for really embracing something for a couple of months and then life takes over and before I know it, it's been six months since my last run! Since March, I decided that this would have to be something I kept up. Many moans and groans were made, and I pretty much had to drag myself out the house to run in all kinds of weather! I'm not going to lie, the pre-run hype up is horrific. I hate it! I love running, so when I'm out it's fine, but getting myself into those trainers and getting out there is the struggle! 


Another of my loves is reading. I know this book hardly looks gripping! But I have decided to brush up on my grammar! I did English Literature in Uni, so our main focus was to write about books and their themes and intentions, and analyse them and so on... So whilst my grammar was always being used, it wasn't always up to scratch shall we say! I need to read this. I will also report back! 


This post has been winged a bit. But I just wanted to give a bit of an insight into what my blog will be about, where I'm at and what I like etc. There will be more to come, don't worry! I'm just finding my feet at the moment! 

Hope you have enjoyed this and feel free to comment or ask any questions down below :)

Laura xo


  1. Looking forward to reading your posts :) Love all your nail photos! x

  2. Thank you! That's so kind, you're also my first visitor, so I'm happy! Haha xx