Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Pet Peeves

I thought that despite this sounding really miserable and negative, it would be quite fun to talk about little pet peeves. Now, I'm not about to go on some mega rampage, and slag everyone and everything off! But as I am quite a fan of Kate from This Is What I Do and her monthly rants, I thought I would do my own :)

1) Depop. I'm fairly new to this app, and so far, I've had some lovely followers/buyers. But the one thing that REALLY annoys me is when I have clearly stated "no swaps" and then people go and ask "Swap?" Yes. I am really using reverse psychology on you because I really want to get rid of my stuff, for more stuff. Then there's the like button, which I will admit I use myself! But after a while it's like, JUST BUY MY ITEM ALREADY!

2) People who spit. WHY IS THIS EVER NECESSARY? It's quite possibly the most unattractive, disgusting, vile, rude and unacceptable thing to do in public. It's like, do you spit in your house? Would you like it if I spat at your feet? Do you think it makes you look hard? It doesn't. And to be honest, it gives people the right to judge you instantly, despite whether their impressions of you are correct. It's vile. If you are salivating that much, get help. If you're not, then you're revolting. Stop it and show more respect for the people around you, and more importantly yourself.

3) Insults via social media. I did a serious blog post on this the other day, so I won't go too mad on it today. But really, it is unnecessary. Going out of your way to spread hate is nothing to be proud of or something to voluntarily put your name to - or hide behind with fake profiles. It annoys me SO much to the point where I will chuck my two cents in if I see it. Y'know, to help a sister out. Finally, when people try and validate rude remarks with "it's just my opinion". We all have arseholes, but I'm not going to post it on the internet every five seconds. Grow up!

4) Spam emails. Hackers, please articulate yourselves better, get better email addresses, and use less exclamation marks.

5) Football. I do not care for this sport, the amount of money they earn makes me horrifically jealous, and I'm putting it out there... I don't think you're worth that much money for kicking a ball around and crying.

6) Plastic film lids on microwave/oven meals. THEY NEVER COME OFF. Design flaw.

7) iPhone battery life. One minute you're 86%. Then you're 10%. THEN, at 8%, you just turn off.

8) Hairdressers perception of "just an inch". The amount of times an inch has turned out to be 3 and then you end up with a buzzcut. If my hair is a shit state, tell me and then we can discuss whether I should have more off. Don't just hack it off and leave me to sob in to my hair clippings on the floor.

9) Wifi. Why, in this day and age, can the wifi not work continuously when I need it to. Ie, when completing job applications or forms online.

10) People asking me what I want to do/be in life... If I knew, do you not think I would be doing it by now? And then people making me feel like I need to get that sorted now or I'll miss my chance, get old and die. The latter is true, but I don't think it can be too late for some things. Also, is happy and comfortable (finance wise) not enough anymore?

11) Mrs Brown's Boys... It absolutely is not funny. I don't understand how it actually makes it on to Prime time TV. What the actual hell?

12) Bus fares. One word. Extortionate.

13) Freddie and Finn from Hollyoaks. Freddie just annoys me beyond belief! Then there's Finn... He's an evil little git and I want his storylines to just be over!

14) Seeing gorgeous clothes in shops.... and then they have slogans and crap pictures on. Thanks for ruining a lust at first sight designers.

I thought this would just be a bit of fun as us Brits like to moan. It wasn't intended to cause offence either. What are everyone elses pet peeves?

Laura xo

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