Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Sister sister

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This post is going to be on the more serious side and it's come about from frequenting many social media sites, and the internet in general. 

It's something that I feel SO strongly about, yet sad about at the same time because it really shouldn't be such a widespread issue.

Trolling. Online bullying and shaming...

Now, I would like to just state that (IMO) there is a MASSIVE difference between having an opinion, and being down right rude, nasty, vile, and sadly, a bully.

Let's set the scene: a selfie. An outfit post. A body-shot. Some people could see a picture and think "that's really not flattering" and just scroll on. That? That is just life. Opinions come in all forms and varieties whether pleasant or not. I'm not disputing that. But what really grinds my gears is when someone has to post that opinion. 

"Eat a burger"
"You look fat in this picture"
"Wow, your forehead is massive!" 
"Your skin is disgusting"
"I don't think you should be wearing that, no offence!"

I don't really see why there is any need to say things like that? When you don't know someone and you're commenting via your phone or laptop... What is it within a person that makes them feel that they  can say that and validate it with "that's just my opinion"? Would they accept that validation if someone criticised them?

I feel that people think this behaviour is acceptable, or not a big deal because we choose what we post online. But let me put it another way...

Imagine the same person in the selfie is walking down the street. Again, you don't know them. The same thought enters your head "wow, that outfit makes her look so fat!" (Or ugly, thin, slutty, weird, whatever). Would you HONESTLY say that to them? Face to face? I am guessing no. And if the answer is yes, please don't feel proud and give yourself a pat on the back. That, quite frankly is worrying. Don't you think?

I have seen a few blog posts regarding this subject, I have seen tirades of insta-battles and Facebook fights and I am sick of it, bored of it, disgusted, worried, saddened and all the rest. 

No one likes an insult. No one likes an insecurity being highlighted or developed, and we should all know better than to be saying things like that. We are in an age where exposure is being given to mental illness, depression, eating disorders, bullying, stress, etc. Any slight insult, comment or "observation" can lead to all kinds of upset and hurt that could be temporary, or more worryingly, a permanent damage to someone's self esteem.

Another sad part about it is that it's girl-on-girl. Why are we doing this to other people? We all know how hyper-sensitive we can be in ourselves at times yet some people go out of their way to be cruel.

It always makes me think back to being younger when I had a really close group of friends. If you think of how close and inseparable some friends are, there is almost nothing as unbreakable and strong as the bond between girls who will quite frankly kick the hypothetical-ass of anyone who hurts their friend!

Why can't we try and be more like that? Girls should stick together and stand up for ourselves, for anyone. It's a far more satisfying life filling it with positivity and happiness than spreading it with hate and vile comments. 

It only makes me think that those who spread these vibes are only as happy as they're trying to make someone else feel with the "you're so ugly" comment. 

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Be nice girls, please?

Laura xo

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